Nischi is an application that makes it easy to remember English vocabulary. It is particularly helpful to those who need to remember vocabulary in their day-to-day lives in order to improve their English.

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Our primary purpose as an organization is to deliver high-quality products both in appearance and content. We will continue to be known as the firm where personal attention will never become obsolete. We want to employ people who are extremely satisfied and who go the extra mile for clients.


The mission of our organization is to close the word gap, so that students can succeed at a higher level. If learners have a working knowledge of language, they can access greater amounts of information, education, and opportunities. We strive to make a difference for our learners by consistently providing quality services that are based on values and proven through performance.

We are passionate about growing great readers, writers, and thinkers at That's why we create innovative tools and engaging experiences that go beyond basic definitions to teach for depth of understanding and enduring retention.