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Improving English and enhancing your communication skills is effortless with our incredible features. Focus on your daily tasks—reading books, blogs, or articles; participating in online meetings; listening to songs; watching videos or news.

We'll transform these activities into opportunities to improve your vocabulary and enhance English communication. No extra time is needed to improve your English skills.

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Effortlessly enhance your English communication with's AI-powered platform. Seamlessly integrate vocabulary improvement into your daily tasks, from reading to online meetings, and watch your skills flourish.

Learning with flashcards

Nischi uses a technique called spaced repetition with flashcards. Studies have shown that spaced repetition enhances learning. By recalling the words spoken around you regularly, you will naturally improve your English.

Learn what matters to you

We won't force you to memorize rigid word lists. Instead, we track the vocabulary spoken around you. Understanding the context in which these words are used will help you incorporate them naturally into your communication.

Learn new words as you read

When you look up new words in our smart dictionary while reading PDFs, blogs, articles, or news, they'll be saved to your default deck with a screenshot. Recalling the word along with the screenshot in the future will help you easily remember your vocabulary.

Learn when entertaining

Improve your English vocabulary effortlessly with our desktop client, which captures all spoken words in videos and movies you watch on your laptop or PC. No need to jot down unfamiliar words – simply enjoy your viewing experience while your vocabulary grows.

Learn through meetings

Improve your English vocabulary during online meetings with colleagues or friends using our desktop client, which captures all spoken words. By hearing these words in context, you'll find it easier to incorporate them into your own communication.

Watch movies to learn

By watching Hollywood movies, you can easily boost your vocabulary. You can download a movie deck, which includes every word spoken in the movie. Since you know how these words are used, you can easily apply them to your day-to-day communication.

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Learn from songs

Boost your English vocabulary easily by listening to songs. As you recall and integrate the words and phrases used in the lyrics, you'll naturally become more fluent, like a native English speaker. This enjoyable method not only improves your language skills but also makes learning more engaging.

Learn from community

Our community members are here to help you improve your communication skills. Every day, they share news, songs, movies they've watched, and newly discovered vocabulary. The content shared will enhance your communication skills. You are welcome to share your discoveries as well.

Take a Quiz

Check out this exciting quiz to gauge your English vocabulary skills! It's specifically designed to jog your memory and get you actively recalling English words. By engaging with this fun and interactive quiz, you'll not only test your knowledge but also enhance your language proficiency in an enjoyable way.

How it works

How works
A personalized smart dictionary

A personalized smart dictionary to improve your English learning experience

Our dictionary contains over 2,00,000 words with detailed meanings. Here are the benefits of using our smart English dictionary:

  • Every word you look up will be automatically saved to your default deck, making it easy to review and study.

  • Previously searched words, along with their synonyms and antonyms, will be highlighted to aid in recalling and connecting vocabulary.

  • Instantly see translations of words in your native language for better understanding.

  • With our desktop client, copying any word on your computer instantly displays its meaning on the right side of your screen. also automatically captures a screenshot of your screen, making it easier for you to recall that word later. Learn more

Improve your English vocabulary by tuning into the news!

Boost your English skills effortlessly by catching up on the latest headlines. Whether you're interested in world events or local updates, staying informed has never been this fun and educational.

By regularly engaging with news content, you'll naturally pick up new words and phrases, improving your language proficiency.

    Keeps track of new English vocabulary as you read

    Install our desktop client on your laptop or PC to seamlessly track new English vocabulary.

    • Whenever you copy a word or press CTRL + C, you'll instantly see its meaning and translation.

    • The new word will automatically be added to your default deck.

    • Copying a word also captures the entire screen, saving it as a reference to help you easily remember where you learned it.

    Participate in meetings or watch videos to improve your English vocabulary.

    Our desktop client keeps track of new English words while watching videos or participating in online meetings. Our desktop client offers the following advantages:

    • Effortlessly improve your vocabulary through contextual learning.

    • There's no need to jot down unfamiliar words from movies, TV shows, or videos.

    • Keep your focus on the video content itself rather than relying on subtitles.

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