Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use ? was designed to help people who are trying to improve their English. It helps them to remember the vocabulary used in their every day life.

How Nischi is different from other applications?

Unlike other language learning programs, Nischi does not force you to master pre-defined generic vocabulary, which you may not even need on a daily basis. By learning the vocabulary used in your day-to-day life, you can improve your communication skills in a better way.

When you do any of the following activities, Nischi will identify the unknown vocabulary

  • When you are in the online / offline meeting.
  • In the course of studying some book.
  • While you watching movies and TV shows.

Can I use it for free?

This program is totally free and comes with a lot of cool features.

In order to access premium features, you'll need to upgrade to the premium plan.

In what ways can I improve my English by using this application?

As you are reading books
As you listen to the conversation
When you watch shows/news on TV
While reading the news
Watching YouTube videos
Watching Netflix videos
Watching any videos Offline

What all the license model available?

  • Single users
  • Multiple users (suitable for schools/institutions)

Is it possible for a student to get all the premium features for free?

Yes, with in the following conditions :

  • Write about Nischi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin to receive a free month.
  • Get a free month when you refer five friends.

As a parent, I plan to purchase a premium account for my 15 year-old. Is this application going to keep my kid safe from inappropriate content?

In the case of students under the age of 18, Nischi will not reveal the meaning of profane words.

What is the monthly fee for a premium user?

The price of 500 INR for a premium users.

Can I get a discount as a student?

Yes, as long as you are interested in improving your English, we would also like to offer you a special discount.

Send us an email and we will take it from there.

Can I use Nischi for learning subjects?

No. Nischi can't be used to learn subjects, but you can learn vocabulary associated with the subjects.

Can I use Nischi to learn other languages besides English?

No. Although your native language could be anything, English should always be your target language.