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Top 100 Idioms

These are the 100 most commonly used English idioms and their meanings. While learning idioms might seem difficult and time-consuming, it’ll help you to speak in more interesting ways and sound more natural among native English speakers.

Siddharth Raayan
Siddharth RaayanImproving English
1a quick buck
  • easily and quickly earned money.

    "they were seen as more eager to make a quick buck"

2all the way up
  • without limit or reservation.

    "I'm with you all the way"

3as bold as brass
  • confident to the point of impudence.

    "she marched into the library as bold as brass"

4as thick as thieves
  • (of two or more people) very close or friendly; sharing secrets.

    "he and Auntie Lou were as thick as thieves"

5bad blood
  • ill feeling.

    "there has always been bad blood between these families"

6bat an eye
  • show no surprise or concern.

    "when he told me what he'd done, I didn't bat an eye"

7beau monde
  • fashionable society.

    "London was the center of this jet-hopping beau monde"

8been around
  • have a lot of varied experience and understanding of the world.

    "look, I've been around, I know what happens with kids like you"

9behind bars
  • in prison.

    "he had already spent four months behind bars on remand"

10bent out of shape
  • angry or agitated.

    "he'd changed a few things around, and Glen was a little bent out of shape about it"

  • no longer having the correct or original form or contours.

    "the front wheel of the bicycle was all out of shape"

  • (of a person) in poor physical condition; unfit.

    "he was overweight and out of shape"