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Top 100 Adjectives

These are the 100 most commonly used English Adjective. This is useful for learning English quickly. When you can use all these words with confidence, your English vocabulary will be fully functional.

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  • adjective:big
  • comparative adjective:bigger
  • superlative adjective:biggest

1)of considerable size, extent, or intensity.

"big hazel eyes"

2)of considerable importance or seriousness.

"it's a big decision"


  • adjective:bitter
  • comparative adjective:bitterer
  • superlative adjective:bitterest

1)having a sharp, pungent taste or smell; not sweet.

"the raw berries have an intensely bitter flavor"

2)(of people or their feelings or behavior) angry, hurt, or resentful because of one's bad experiences or a sense of unjust treatment.

"I don't feel jealous or bitter"


  • adjective:bloody
  • comparative adjective:bloodier
  • superlative adjective:bloodiest

1)covered, smeared, or running with blood.

"a bloody body"

2)involving or characterized by bloodshed or cruelty.

"a bloody coup"

  • adjective:bloody
  • comparative adjective:bloodier
  • superlative adjective:bloodiest

1)used to express anger, annoyance, or shock, or simply for emphasis.

"took your bloody time"

2)unpleasant or perverse.

"don't be too bloody to poor Jack"


  • adjective:blue
  • comparative adjective:bluer
  • superlative adjective:bluest

1)of a color intermediate between green and violet, as of the sky or sea on a sunny day.

"the clear blue sky"

2)(of a person or mood) melancholy, sad, or depressed.

"he's feeling blue"


  • adjective:brave
  • comparative adjective:braver
  • superlative adjective:bravest

1)ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

"a brave soldier"


  • adjective:busy
  • comparative adjective:busier
  • superlative adjective:busiest

1)having a great deal to do.

"he had been too busy to enjoy himself"


  • adjective:calm
  • comparative adjective:calmer
  • superlative adjective:calmest

1)not showing or feeling nervousness, anger, or other strong emotions.

"she had to keep calm at all costs"

2)(of the weather) pleasantly free from wind.

"the night was clear and calm"


  • adjective:cheap
  • comparative adjective:cheaper
  • superlative adjective:cheapest

1)(of an item for sale) low in price; worth more than its cost.

"they bought some cheap fruit"


  • adjective:chewy
  • comparative adjective:chewier
  • superlative adjective:chewiest

1)(of food) needing to be chewed hard or for some time before being swallowed.

"the rye bread has a nice, chewy texture"


  • adjective:chubby
  • comparative adjective:chubbier
  • superlative adjective:chubbiest

1)plump and rounded.

"a pretty child with chubby cheeks"


  • adjective:clumsy
  • comparative adjective:clumsier
  • superlative adjective:clumsiest

1)awkward in movement or in handling things.

"the cold made his fingers clumsy"


  • adjective:cold
  • comparative adjective:colder
  • superlative adjective:coldest

1)of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.

"a freezing cold day"

2)lacking affection or warmth of feeling; unemotional.

"how cold and calculating he was"


  • adjective:crazy
  • comparative adjective:crazier
  • superlative adjective:craziest

1)mentally deranged, especially as manifested in a wild or aggressive way.

"Stella went crazy and assaulted a visitor"

2)extremely enthusiastic.

"I'm crazy about Cindy"


  • adjective:creamy
  • comparative adjective:creamier
  • superlative adjective:creamiest

1)resembling cream in consistency or color.

"beat the sugar and egg yolks together until thick and creamy"


  • adjective:cruel
  • comparative adjective:crueller
  • superlative adjective:cruellest
  • comparative adjective:crueler
  • superlative adjective:cruelest

1)willfully causing pain or suffering to others, or feeling no concern about it.

"people who are cruel to animals"


  • adjective:crunchy
  • comparative adjective:crunchier
  • superlative adjective:crunchiest

1)making a sharp noise when bitten or crushed and (of food) pleasantly crisp.

"bake until the topping is crunchy"

2)politically and environmentally liberal.

"a song that incorporates whale-singing seems pretty crunchy"


  • adjective:curly
  • comparative adjective:curlier
  • superlative adjective:curliest

1)made, growing, or arranged in curls or curves.

"my hair is just naturally thick and curly"


  • adjective:cute
  • comparative adjective:cuter
  • superlative adjective:cutest

1)attractive in a pretty or endearing way.

"a cute kitten"

2)clever or cunning, especially in a self-seeking or superficial way.

"I don't want to be cute with you"


  • adjective:damp
  • comparative adjective:damper
  • superlative adjective:dampest

1)slightly wet.

"her hair was still damp from the shower"


  • adjective:deadly
  • comparative adjective:deadlier
  • superlative adjective:deadliest

1)causing or able to cause death.

"a deadly weapon"

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