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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20222 min read

What is deck ?

A deck is a great way to organize your cards and study them more effectively. By creating different decks, you can focus on specific parts of your collection and tailor your studying to your needs.

Each deck can have different settings, such as how many new cards to show each day, or how long to wait until cards are shown again.

Photo by Kelsy Gagnebin on Unsplash

Deck Categories

Decks fall into three categories:

  • Movie deck
  • TV Show deck
  • Other deck

Movie deck

So, what is movie deck ? Suppose you are watchig a film in Netflix. While watching it, you have experienced a few new english words for that you really want to know the significance. You can make a movie deck, and import subtitle/captions to it.

Nischi will naturally show you the obscure words spoken in the movie, you can concentrate on these words later and begins involving it in your everyday discussions.

TV Show deck

Like movie deck, You can add captions/subtitles to the TV shows that you have watched.

Other deck

You can utilize other deck to store cards that are not belongs to Movies or TV Shows classification. I commonly utilize other deck for the end goal of following.

  • BBC News - for words utilized in BBC News
  • Spirituality - for words in Sprituality
  • Physics - for words utilized in Physics
  • Mathematics - for words utilized in Mathematics
  • Discussions - for words utilized in our web-based gatherings, and so on