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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20222 min read

What is Recording ? How its work ?

Throughout this article, we will discuss what recording is and how it can be used to improve your English while watching videos. For recording, you will need to download the desktop client and use it.


Let us consider Ajith, a Software Developer working for a private firm. He usually watch Movies, TV Shows and News to improve his english. While he watching, if he doesn't know the meaning of any word, he writes down that word in the notepad with meaning.

In general, he writes down the vocabulary for a few days, then he stops because of other priorities. A process like this is not effective and it will be diluted after a short period.

Now let's see what Nischi can do for Ajith to learn the unfamiliar vocabulary.

  • He can put Nischi in Recording mode, while he is watching Movies, TV Shows, News and even when participating in the online meeting.
  • Nischi, will find out unfamiliar vocabulary for him. So, he don't need to focus on the Subtitle while watching the Movies.
  • He can save the unfamiliar vocabulary to the deck for studying those words. And even he can able to share that words with his colleagues and friends.

It would be great if we could create a new deck for storing TV vocabulary.

Creating deck
Recordings in decktop client

Recording Settings

The recording will be saved by default to the User's videos directory. The basic plan allows users to record 5 hours per month.

Recording Settings

I am watching Westworld clips on Youtube. While watching, I can record videos.

Watching westworld in youtube

Click the Record button in your desktop client.

Start recording

Continue watching the videos on YouTube after clicking the Record button. Once the video has finished recording, you can stop it.

The recording has now been saved. To see the details, click on it.

Stop recording

The transcripts can be viewed here.


You can view the vocabulary used in the video here. You can save these vocabulary to the deck. To save these vocabulary, click on the save vocabulary button.


Whenever is convenient for you, you can study the vocabulary.

Showing reference video while you study

In the course of studying, you will be able to see references to the recording. Using this, you can remember where you saw that vocabulary in a video. It will enhance your memory.

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