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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20222 min read

How to add cards to deck ?

There are different ways to add cards to a deck. In the case of a movie or TV show deck, subtitles can be added. Learn how to import subtitles into a deck by checking out this article.

We can manually add cards if the deck belongs to other category. Let's start by creating a new deck.

Create deck

Here is the newly created deck. Click on the deck to delve into the details.


Click on View cards section, see we haven't added any cards yet. Click Add cards button. When you read a news article on a website and you want to find unfamiliar words in it, you can copy the content and paste it here and click Save button.

Add cards

Words (Names of people/places) that do not have definitions in our dictionary may not be saved to our deck.

Saving cards

Consider reading a paper version of the news paper, like the one below.

News paper

To find unknown words in the news paper, you can take a photo with your smartphone and upload it here.

Adding cards from image (OCR)
Saving cards from image

We have now saved the cards to the deck. Simply click on a card to see the meaning with translation.

View cards
Finding meaning

The next step is to start studying those newly added words whenever you have time. There you go!

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