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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20222 min read

How to study cards in deck ?

As soon as you've found a deck that you like or entered some cards into it, you're ready to study.

On the study screen, there are three columns. The 'New' column indicates how many new cards are ready for learning that day. The second column shows the number of cards currently in progress. In the third column, you can see how many cards need to be reviewed.

Click show answer button.

Study deck

The three rating buttons are here, now let Nischi know how you feel about this card.

  • Again - card will be shown after 10 mins or before if there is no other cards in queue
  • Good - card will be shown after 4 days
  • Easy - card will be shown after 7 days

We can reduce the study interval in the deck settings.

Show answer

The study view only show minimal information about the card. If you need to see the more details, you can click dictionary icon button in the right cornor.

Dictionary view

While we studying cards, the progress bar will increase.

Studying next card

Once you complete studying all the cards for today, then you will see this congratulations message. Once your study limit is over, you can't able to study the same day

Study completed

See, you have due in 4 days for BBC News deck. Which means, the cards that you studied will be shown in 4 days. But, you can continue studying next set of cards tomorrow.


Deck Settings

Deck Settings - For New Card
Deck Settings - For Review Card
Deck Settings - For Lapsed Card