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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20222 min read

How to create deck ?

In this article we will perceive how to make movie deck. The procedure is same for TV Show deck as well.

The first step in creating a deck is to navigate to Decks and click the Create button at the top. You will then be able to see the following page.

Select Movie under the category.

Create deck

Enter the name of a recent movie you watched. The Notebook is one of my favorite movies, so I'm typing it here. You will see movies here after Nischi searches for them.

Searching movies

Choose the movie from the list. It will automatically fill in the description, but you may edit it if you wish. Please click Save after selecting the Cover Photo.

Choosing cover photo for deck


You can now see the newly created deck. Click on the deck to add subtitles to it.


Importing subtitles to the deck

Here you can upload subtitles for that movie. You can download a subtitle for any movie in the following sites:

Alternatively, you can use subtitle that has already been uploaded by another user.

Uploading subtitle

Click Next

Subtitle uploaded

You will see the subtitle contents here.


You will see the cast here.


There might be a chance that some of the words in the subtitle are misspelled or have no meaning in our dictionary. If there are any spelling mistakes, you can correct them otherwise you please ignore and click Next.


You can save the words into the deck by clicking Save button.


We have now successfully saved the cards into our deck.

Cards saved successfully

Our next tutorial will show you how to begin studying these words.

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