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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20222 min read

How to improve english from Youtube videos ?

You will improve your English while entertaining or educating. It is not necessary to take a separate course/class to improve your English. It's like having the best of both worlds.

I enjoy watching cooking videos on YouTube and trying out new dishes. I'm interested in learning the vocabulary of cooking. It's usually best for me to group vocabularies related to cooking into one deck.

For this purpose, let's make a new deck.

Create deck

Click on the cooking deck


You can add YouTube videos to the recordings section. To begin, click on the highlighted button.

Deck recordings

Paste the YouTube video link here.

Importing youtube video

Youtube video has been successfully added here. Click on the video to see more details.

Saved videos

You can view the transcripts here.

Youtube video - Transcripts

You can view the vocabularies here. Save these words to your deck. It is recommended that you watch the video once before saving the cards.

Youtube video - Vocabulary

Saved words can be studied at your convenience. If you click the film icon on the top, you can watch the video in which you learned the word. You can easily remember where you learned this word if you watch the video clips after studying it for a long time.

Study deck
Study deck - Showing the reference video

Currently, you can add YouTube videos one by one. In the future, we will also provide the option to add YouTube playlists.

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