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Aruljothi Parthiban
Aruljothi Parthiban
10 Oct 20223 min read

How to improve your English

In this article, we'll be walking through several steps you can take to make your English better. These steps will help you express yourself more clearly and make you sound like a native speaker.

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Reading books, buying vocabulary books, and improving vocabulary through apps are all boring ways to improve your English skills. I have some great ideas to help you improve your English.

Learn english from Movies / TV Shows

Watch English movies or TV shows regulary. Most people pay attention to the subtitles when watching it to understand what's being said. You won't hear fully what's being said if you focus mostly on the subtitles. So, please do not focus on subtitles.

With Nischi, you don't have to jot down the vocabulary spoken in the videos. Nischi can automatically discover unfamiliar words for you. Bam !

There are three ways in Nischi to track down the vocabularies spoken in Movies / TV Shows.

You can master the unknown vocabulary in the same day or the next day after watching it.

Listening to podcasts

Listen to podcasts. There are plenty of podcasts out there that teaches you English. Once again listen to the podcast won’t help if you don’t put in the work. You’ll need to create an environment for yourself.

You can record the podcast while listening by using Nischi client to track down the unfamiliar words.

Watching YouTube videos

There were over 240 million videos on YouTube. That is a lot of content! There are so many different types of channels and genres to choose from, which can help you change up your routine for watching videos, whether it be for entertainment or education purposes.

You will improve your English while entertaining or educating. It is not necessary to take a separate course/class to improve your English. It's like having the best of both worlds.

There are two ways in Nischi to track down the vocabularies spoken in YouTube videos.

Reading Books, News, Blog posts or Articles

Reading books, news, blog posts and articles will be a challenge for us if we don't understand the words due to our lack of vocabulary. We have to learn more and more words from these resources so that we can improve our reading skills.

We will encounter more unfamiliar english words when we are reading. But it doesn't matter because we can always find the meaning in dictionary or use google translate to understand the content.

With Nischi, you don't have to search meaning in the dictionary or translate it to your native language to understand the meaning. Nischi will automatically show you the meaning with translation if you Copy or press CTRL + C on any word.

As you read, discover meaning

Listening to songs

Listen an english song. The more you like something, the more likely you are to learn it. Choose a song from your favorite artist. You can practice speaking, listening, and learning vocabulary while listening to the song every day.

If you add lyrics to the deck, Nischi will find unknown English words for you.

Conclusion: Whichever method you choose, the most critical thing is to spend more than 1 or 2 hours every day and you will see results. I'm confident you'll succeed!

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