Delete Account

Deleting an account is permanent. Once your Nischi account is permanently deleted, you can’t restore your account. Before we permanently delete your account, you’ll have a 14-day grace period, during which the account will appear as temporarily deactivated. You have until the grace period is over to cancel the deletion.

What’s deleted

We’ll delete the following personal data stored in an Nischi account :

  • Full Name
  • Decks
  • Cards
  • Email address
  • profile picture
  • Preferences

What’s not deleted

Content you created in Nischi account services. For example, Feeds and Topics.

Delete the account

To delete an account:

  • Log in to your Account settings at
  • Select Security from the left navigation.
  • From the Security section, click the Delete account button.
  • Click Delete account. From the confirmation dialog that appears, confirm that you want to delete your account. If you get some warnings, you may need to take care of these issues before you can go back to deleting the account.

Once you confirm the deletion, we’ll log you out and you’ll land in Signup page.

Account appearance after deletion

During the grace period when the account is deactivated, other users will still see your name in Feeds (e.g., next to your avatar) along with a Deactivated lozenge.

When your account is permanently deleted, Former user will appear in place of your name and the lozenge updates to Deleted.