Desktop Client

Why we need to desktop client?

1. We are going to track the conversation happening around you for that we need to record the audio.

2. The conversation could be one of the following :

  • Your online discussion with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom Call and etc..
  • Your offline discussion with you colleagues or friends.
  • While you watching a video in Youtube, Netflix and etc...
  • While you watching any offline videos in your computer.

3. They are chances that the conversation will go very longer and we don't want to save you conversation in our cloud server due to your privacy.

4. The desktop client help you recording your videos/audio and will save the information in your computer.

5. Also while you reading books or surfing internet, if you don't known the meaning for a word we will automatically show you the meaning and as well as save the unknown word to your default deck. So you can revisit the word and you start using the word in your day to day conversation.

Download Client

Nischi desktop client supports only Windows and Mac.

By downloading and using Nischi, I agree to thePrivacy PolicyandTerms.