Let us consider Ajith, a Software Developer working for a private firm. He usually watch Movies, TV Shows and News to improve his english. While he watching, if he doesn't know the meaning of any word, he writes down that word in the notepad with meaning.

In general, he writes down the vocabulary for a few days, then he stops because of other priorities. A process like this is not effective and it will be diluted after a short period.

Now let's see what Nischi can do for Ajith to learn the unfamiliar vocabulary.

  • He can put Nischi in Recording mode, while he is watching Movies, TV Shows, News and even when participating in the online meeting.
  • Nischi, will find out unfamiliar vocabulary for him. So, he don't need to focus on the Subtitle while watching the Movies.
  • He can save the unfamiliar vocabulary to the deck for studying those words. And even he can able to share that words with his colleagues and friends.

Recording Settings


Wre also provided to Remind you when you are following application

Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet ,Zoom Call,etc...

Example: Let say your are in a Teams ,Google Meet or Zoom you will be having a conversation with your colleagues in as part of your daily work. When the meeting happens, if you are unable to understand what they are saying and if you decide to record the video, you can then refer to it later and extract the unknown vocabulary.
In most cases, you will not be able to remember to record the meeting video, so you can set the configuration so every time you start a meeting, Nischi will remind you to record the meeting, but if you don't want, you can ignore it.

2. Monthly recording limit

Free users will receive 5 hours of recording per month, and if you upgrade to premium users, you can get more recording hours.

3. Maximum duration

Maximum duration of each videos 30 minutes for free users.

Videos can be recorded for a maximum of 2 hours for premium users. The default recording setting is 1 hour, but you can increase it to 2 hours in recording settings if you wish.